Titre :
  • Maintaining law and order in the colonie-modèle. Urban (dis)order and the policing of racial boundaries in the Belgian Congo
Auteur : Lauro, Amandine
Statut de publication : Non publié, 2010-09-16
Sujet CREF : Histoire
Histoire coloniale
Histoire contemporaine [de 1800 a 1914]
Histoire contemporaine [depuis 1914]
Informations sur la conférence :
  • 3rd GERN (Post)colonial Policing Workshop "Policing, surveillance and political transformations in the (former) Dutch and Belgium Empires" (2010-09-16/17: Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden)
Mots-clés : Empire, Law and Order, Policing, Belgian Congo, Race
Langue :
  • Anglais