Titre :
  • Experiment on nucleate pool boiling in microgravity by using transparent heating surface - Analysis of surface heat transfer coefficients
Auteur : Kubota, C. ; Kawanami, O. ; Asada, Y. ; Wada, Y. A. ; Nagayasu, T. ; Shinmoto, Y. ; Ohta, H. ; Kabov, Oleg ; Queeckers, Patrick ; Chikov, Sergey ; Straub, J.
Informations sur la publication : Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Print), 327, 1
Statut de publication : Publié, 2011
Sujet CREF : Physique
Mots-clés : Boiling heat transfer
Gravity effects
Heating surfaces
Local heat transfer
Local heat transfer coefficient
Microgravity conditions
Multiple arrays
Nucleate pool boiling
Parabolic flight
Pool boiling
Residual gravity
Surface heat transfer coefficient
Thin film temperature sensors, Cooling systems
Heat transfer coefficients
Microgravity processing
Nucleate boiling
Phase transitions
Waste heat, Liquids
Note : SCOPUS: cp.j
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  • Anglais
Identificateurs : urn:issn:1742-6588