Résumé : Nine new substituted triphenyltin benzoates of the type Ar3Sn[BOND]OOC[BOND]C6H2XYZ [X = Y = H, Z = 2-OCH3 and 4-F; X = H, Y = 3-F, Z = 5-F; X = H, Y = 2-OH, Z = 5-Cl, 5-NH2, 5-OCH3 and 5-SO3H; X = 2-OH, Y = 3-CH(CH3)2 and Z = 5-CH(CH3)2] were prepared and possess considerable in vitro antitumor activity against two human tumor cell lines (MCF-7, a mammary tumor, and WiDr, a colon carcinoma) comparable with that of mitomycin C.