par Compère, Geoffrey ;Fiorucci, Adrien ;Ruzziconi, Romain
Référence Classical and quantum gravity, 36, 19, 195017
Publication Publié, 2019-09-01
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Using the dictionary between Bondi and Fefferman-Graham gauges, we identify the analogues of the Bondi news, Bondi mass and Bondi angular momentum aspects at the boundary of generic asymptotically locally (A)dS4 spacetimes. We introduce the Λ-BMS4 group as the residual symmetry group of the metric in Bondi gauge after boundary gauge fixing. This group consists of infinite-dimensional non-abelian supertranslations and superrotations and it reduces in the asymptotically flat limit to the extended BMS4 group. Furthermore, we present new boundary conditions for asymptotically locally AdS4 spacetimes which admit R times the group of area-preserving diffeomorphisms as the asymptotic symmetry group. The boundary conditions amount to fix two components of the holographic stress-tensor while allowing two components of the boundary metric to fluctuate. They correspond to a deformation of a holographic CFT3 which is coupled to a fluctuating spatial metric of fixed area.