• Sindos II, The Cemetery. Archaeological Exploration 1980-1982: Clay, Glass and Faience Vessels, Clay Lamps, Metal Vessels, Clay Figurines and Plastic Vases, Coins
Auteur:Despoini, Aikaterini; Liampi, Katerina; Misailidou-Despotidou, Vasiliki; Saripanidi, Vasiliki; Tiverios, Michalis
Informations sur la publication:Archaeological Society at Athens, Athens, Ed. 1
Statut de publication:Publié, 2016
series:Publications of the Archaeological Society at Athens, 308
Sujet CREF:Archéologie et techniques des fouilles
Volumes/pages:374 p.
Mots-clés:Greek Pottery, Northern Aegean, Funerary Archaeology
Note générale:I am the single author of the chapters on pottery, glass and faience vessels, as well as of the chapter on clay lamps, which in total take up 212 pages, that is, about two thirds of the volume.