Résumé : This paper presents a model and empirics related to the impact of information revelation in the context of multi-jurisdictional patent litigation. We present a model of patent litigation in which parties can update their beliefs based on the outcome of actions concerning the same patents in other jurisdictions. Using a unique dataset of patent suits across Europe, we empirically test the implications of our model with data on settlements of patent disputes in France, using as information content the outcomes of patent litigation in other European jurisdictions during 2000-2009. Our fundamental finding is that we observe the likelihood of a settlement in one country increasing after a decision has been rendered over the same patents in a foreign court. We also observe that the influence of prior decisions on the outcomes in France varies significantly across the various other European court systems observed in our study. With an alternative specification, we also find that decisions rendered over patents in other countries tends to decrease the time (pendency) to adjudication and settlement of court disputes over the same patents in France.